Apothecary Trivia

When the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary closed in 1933,  thousands of metal boxes and wooden drawers full of herbs and pharmaceuticals manufactured over decades were  left behind.  
Apothecary manufacturing drawers
The Friends of the American Pharmaceutical Society bought most of these items at the auction in order to preserve them as part of the Apothecary Museum.  Here's a list of some of the items once sold at the Apothecary that have been maintained over the decades by the predecessors to the Mortal & Pestle Society: 

 Dragon's Blood  Mandrake Root
 Gum Arabic     Saigon Cinnamon Bark
 Pumpkin Seed        Poppy Seed
Powdered Wormseed  Powdered Gum Myrrh

The Manufacturing Room is full of hundreds of small wooden drawers, large tin boxes, and some rather interesting 19th Century machinery.  
This intriguing room holds many mysteries for 21st visitors, and these mysteries make excellent games.
Can you guess what the device with the big wheel did in a 19th century apothecary?

A. Pill roller

B. Early mimeograph machine

C. Adding machine

D. Herb grinder

Can you match the contents of Manufacturing Rooms drawers to the pictures on the right?

Apothecary Drawers
Sources of drawer contents

Malva Flowers    Rose Petals   
answers     Saffron  
 Red Clover Top    Palmetto  
 Sumac   answers   
 Prickly Ash Berries Poke Berries  
 answers  Job's Tears